Consultant Opportunities


Summary of Positions

Teaching Lab is looking for content consultants available immediately to help with PD facilitation and design, virtual coaching, and site-support work.  

Our professional learning work supports implementation of two, high-quality ELA/Literacy curricula at this time:

  1. EL Education Literacy Curriculum (Grades K-8)

  2. Louisiana ELA Guidebooks 2.0 (Grades 3-12)


We are looking for content consultants with:

  • Deep content knowledge in ELA/literacy instruction and the CCSS ELA Shifts

  • Experience designing and/or leading professional learning

  • A strong interest in curriculum and curriculum implementation


There are 4 different areas in which we need support. Consultants may work primarily in one of these 4 areas, but ideal candidates would be able to work across more than one or all 4. Our most acute need is for high-quality facilitators.

  1. PD Facilitation (in-person) – Leading cycles of inquiry for teachers and instructional coaches in districts based on the PD content we design; requires travel to facilitate PD days

  2. Virtual coaching for peer leaders of PD (remote) – Providing phone/video conference support for teachers and instructional coaches who are preparing to lead cycles of inquiry for their peers; includes content, community building, and facilitation support

  3. PD Content Design (remote) - Building PD Modules (PPT’s, agenda, activities, handouts etc.) to support specific curriculum using a cycle of inquiry model

  4. Site management (primarily remote) – Supporting district partners in planning logistics, program design, and delivery for professional learning; may require a small amount of travel depending on district needs


For a more in depth look at these available positions, click HERE

To Learn More

To learn more about our current work:

  1. Read about our work on pages 9-11 of this Aspen Institute Report about integrating curriculum and professional learning.

  2. Check out examples of content we've developed with partner orgs and the LA DOE to support implementation of the Louisiana Guidebooks 2.0 here; these are Content Modules 3 and 4, which together form 12 hours of PD content and a full cycle of inquiry around close reading. These materials are specific to 6-8, and are built around an 8th grade Guidebooks 2.0 unit on Flowers for Algernon, which can be found here.

To Apply

If you or someone you know matches the description above and would be interested in working with us, please fill out this Google Form.