About Us

The Teaching Lab team is dedicated to building a non-profit, teacher-led network that leverages grassroots organizing and research-based professional learning to serve all students, no matter their background or zip code.

We believe that an equitable education system can be built by collaborating with communities that educate traditionally undeserved students. Teaching Lab works to build local leadership and content expertise to develop the capacity of communities to sustain growth and development.  

Teaching Lab envisions a teaching profession where teachers, in collaboration, own and drive a culture of learning and continuous improvement in their instructional practice, impacting student achievement in disadvantaged communities in significant and measurable ways.

Our mission is to build a movement of teacher leadership focused on the professional learning to meet the need of all students.



Silas Kulkarni - Executive Director

Silas Kulkarni is a nationally renowned expert on the Common Core State Standards and professional learning. Working with lead authors of the Common Core while at Student Achievement Partners, he has presented and led trainings across the country, published research, and trained many of the other providers in the professional development space. 

“As a middle school math teacher in Washington DC, I was lucky enough to be part of a teacher-led community focused on improving our instruction. It worked! To this day, my middle school math students hold the citywide record for highest math test scores. This form of collaboration works and if we can engage more educators in these conversations, we can change our profession.



Max Wagner - Director of Organizing

Max Wagner brings best-in-the-industry experience in grassroots teacher organizing.  After serving as a Teach for America corps member in Brooklyn, New York, Max has dedicated his career to empowering and elevating the teaching profession, working as organizer for Educators for Excellence, the Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns, and most recently Student Achievement Partners.  His deep expertise in teacher-leadership underlies the viral growth of the Teaching Lab model.

“As an elementary special education teacher in Brooklyn, New York, I know the struggle of meeting the needs of all students every day. Leveraging the experience of classroom teachers and the best in researched based best practices, we can create resource for teachers, by teacher that can be transformational for kids.”

Latrese headshot.png

LaTrese Taylor – Executive and Research Intern

LaTrese Taylor joins Teaching Lab with wide-ranging experience in leadership, program management and analysis work.  A native Oklahoman, LaTrese fell in love with the idea of helping others help themselves as only a teenager.  Inspired by her grandmother, she developed a resolve for charitable work in grassroots organizations.  This stuck with her throughout her career, leading her to the American University International Development program and Teaching Lab.  

As a 22-year military vet and HR manager, I worked with some amazing teams; we continuously shaped our role to meet the local mission, which is right in line with the adaptive quality of Teaching Lab model.  We create needed synergy amongst the people—teachers, students, staff, administrators, and parents—so every student gets an experience unique to his or her abilities.  When our teachers and our children benefit, our communities prosper.