What are teachers saying about Teaching Lab?

Feedback from our Spring 2016 Cycles

“This is 100% teacher led with relevant examples from teachers who have lived this. They are not just teaching to the high kids or an ideal classroom setting. It's real world.”


“Teaching Lab truly creates a community of learners. I also like that we learn new strategies and how they connect with the state standards.


“Most professional development experiences are brief and just "skim the surface" of the content. Teaching Lab creates a small group similar to our PLC team meetings we already have at school, but introduces content in a more detailed way that encourages a more "hands-on" approach to our teaching. I also love that we can discuss these best practices strategies with other teachers from across the parish.


“I think that the accountability of implementation and the requirement of evidence made this professional learning more valuable. I also like the collegial format of the sessions.



"Teaching Lab is different because we were able to actually practice the strategy we learn in class with our students, and then reflect with colleagues on the implications for our instruction."


“It was amazing, meaningful, and I knew it would benefit my students. I was actually listening to educators "in the trenches" that I respected and that have passion for education just like I do. It is my hope that we can continue professional development like this in the future.”


“I really liked the follow up session and bringing student artifacts. The accountability piece made me more conscience of the lessons I was planning.”