Teaching Lab Fellow

Type of Vacancy: One-year term position; either 4 or 5 days a week (applicant’s choice), starting April-June 2019

Location: Remote/home office anywhere in the United States

Reports to: Director of Sitework or Director of Content Design

Travel Required: 20-40% depending on season

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Summary of Position

Teaching Lab is seeking Math and ELA Fellows to support professional learning content design and implementation work across content areas for School Year 2019-2020. Teaching Lab Fellows are an integral part of Teaching Lab’s work, leading and developing high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional learning experiences for teachers, schools, and districts across the country.

Over the course of the fellowship year, Fellows will engage in three main areas of work:

  1. Leading professional learning in Teaching Lab partnership sites. Fellows will manage and build client relationships, plan and lead on-the-ground professional learning (individually and in teams), collect data, and support conversations on how to ensure long-term, sustainable professional learning practices in partnership sites.
  2. Developing professional learning content. Fellows will support Teaching Lab’s content development team by ideating, writing, and testing professional learning content aligned to specific curricula.
  3. Creating and pursuing a personal inquiry project. The Fellowship year is intended to be an opportunity to learn and grow, and we support Fellows to create and lead an inquiry project on a topic of their choosing that is related to the development and implementation of high-quality professional learning.

As a rapidly growing nonprofit, we seek entrepreneurial individuals excited about working with clients, developing exceptional professional learning, and innovating on research to radically change outcomes for students. This position has high potential for both large-scale impact and career growth.

The Fellowship year can be structured as either a four-day-a-week role, not eligible for benefits, or a five-day-a-week (full-time) role with benefits. Candidates may apply for either a Math Fellowship role or an ELA Fellowship role.

Eligible candidates must have strong expertise in relationship management, leading professional learning, project planning, high-quality curriculum, and the Common Core or similar College- and Career-Ready state standards in their designated content area. Ideal candidates will have the unique combination of intellectual curiosity and established skill in these areas. Above all, any candidate must have a demonstrated commitment to educational equity.

Key Responsibilities & Workstreams

Leading Professional Learning (45% time; somewhat higher in summer/fall)

  • Manage and build client relationships with Teaching Lab partner sites across the country
  • Lead professional learning on site, including facilitation with teachers, principals, coaches, and other educators
  • Support and grow other Teaching Lab facilitators through formal and informal training and feedback
  • Coach and train Lab Leaders (local teacher-leaders who will eventually lead local professional learning in their own communities)
  • Collect data and evidence of impact with the support of Teaching Lab’s Learning & Research team
  • Give feedback on professional learning content modules in conjunction with Teaching Lab’s Content Development team
  • Support the goal of sustainable, independently-led Labs in client districts by co-creating multi-year sequences of learning in conjunction with Teaching Lab’s Partnerships team

Professional Learning Content Development (45% time; somewhat higher in winter/spring)

  • Support creation of curriculum-specific professional learning content modules in Math or ELA (focused on EL 1.0, EL 2.0, Illustrative Math, Guidebooks, or other high-quality, highly-reviewed curricula), including scope & sequence design, creation of session agendas, slides, and handouts, and development of facilitator notes
  • Support creation of additional components of Teaching Lab’s professional learning offerings (e.g., school leader learning sequences or coaching frameworks)
  • Develop expertise in research on curriculum, instruction, and professional learning that can be integrated into the Teaching Lab model

Inquiry Project (10% time)

  • Ideate, plan, and execute an inquiry project on a topic decided on in conjunction between you and your manager. Ideal projects sit at the intersection of a candidate’s interests and Teaching Lab’s research and development needs.
  • Past projects have included:
    • Research on the connection between specific qualities of a teacher’s vision and their classroom culture/classroom practices. What do great visions have in common? What do teachers with great visions have in common? How can we coach teachers to develop powerful visions which both inform and transcend their instruction?
    • Why aren’t more districts and schools adopting content-rich and standards-aligned curriculum and how can we create more informed consumers of curricula and content-specific professional learning? Project includes work with local district and school through pilots of aligned curriculum to address problems of practice based on student achievement data.
    • Research literature shows what works in professional development, which has shaped our model, but how do we prove that it works with rigorous evidence? Project includes development of part of Teaching Lab’s impact evaluation protocol.

Areas for Growth

Teaching Lab is committed to practicing what we preach, which means that development of our team is a key organizational priority. As a community of learners, we support one another through thought partnership, direct assistance, and opportunities to expand our own knowledge.

The Fellowship year is designed for current educators or leaders of professional learning who are interested in deepening their practice and supporting teachers across the country in a new role. We see the Fellowship year as a mini-version of graduate school: an opportunity to learn outside of traditional scopes of work, try new roles, and consider long-term career plans. We envision that Fellows may go back to the classroom or support professional learning in local school systems after the Fellowship year or may continue to pursue nationwide opportunities at Teaching Lab or elsewhere.

During the course of the Fellowship year, Teaching Lab will provide the following growth opportunities for Fellows:

  • Up to 10% of the year focused on the inquiry project (described above)
  • Opportunities to attend and present at conferences
  • Unparalleled networking and learning opportunities with Teaching Lab staff, board members, and experts in the field, including Student Achievement Partners, UnboundEd, EL Education, Illustrative Math, and others
  • A peer community of other Fellows focused on collaborating and supporting each other in their core areas of responsibility as well as longer-term plans
  • Internal cycles of inquiry on core topics that mirror our client-facing, external professional learning sequences

In addition, Teaching Lab is a fast-growing nonprofit organization; we expect to double in size annually for the next several years, which will provide pathways for career growth and expanded impact over time for interested candidates.


Teaching Lab team members bring both relevant experience and commitment to shared values and norms. Prospective Fellows should be able to demonstrate experience or background in the following categories. Note that Fellows will apply for either a Math or ELA Fellowship; demonstrated expertise in both content areas is not required.

Educational & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum five years working experience
  • Successful teaching experience with students from underserved background (2 years minimum) with demonstrated evidence of impact
  • Experience facilitating impactful professional learning for educators as a peer or in a support role (i.e., coach or department head)
  • Experience building and leading relationships with diverse stakeholders in an education context


  • Deep knowledge and experience with Common Core or College- and Career-Ready ELA/literacy or Math standards
  • Strong familiarity or teaching experience with one of the curricula supported by Teaching Lab: EL Education 1.0 6-8 (EngageNY); EL Education 2.0 K-5; Louisiana Guidebooks; or Illustrative Math (preferred)


  • Exceptional organizational and project management skills
  • Superior critical thinking and creative problem-solving capabilities, including a self-starting/entrepreneurial approach to difficult problems
  • Strong professional and interpersonal judgment
  • Ability to form credible and lasting relationships with teachers and other stakeholders in an education context
  • Compelling communication and influence skills, including facilitation of adult learners


  • Deep commitment to Teaching Lab’s organizational mission and educational equity for traditionally underserved students
  • A strong commitment growth mindset for both adults and students, and a desire to work collaboratively to grow team skills and capabilities
  • Belief in the power of relationships to drive collaboration
  • A relentless focus on results for underserved students, including a high bar for quality work

Working at Teaching Lab

This role is a one-year, term-limited position, structured as either four days a week (without benefits) or five days a week (with benefits). Teaching Lab’s benefits package covers 100% of employee costs and 50% of dependent costs for health/dental/vision insurance and a 401(k) program with diverse investment options.

Fellows will begin work in the late spring or early summer (exact dates TBD with each Fellow) and will work for a year-long term. At the end of the year, Fellows may be eligible for an additional year in the Fellowship program or for other roles at Teaching Lab. Fellows may also elect to return to their local communities to support research-based professional learning through other roles.

This position is eligible for remote work anywhere in the continental United States. Candidates who live near New York City or Washington, DC may elect to work out of Teaching Lab offices located in those cities if they choose.

This position requires significant work-related travel (20-40% time) based on organizational needs, capacity, and season. We expect travel to be more frequent in summer and fall and lighter in the winter and spring.

As a benefit to joining the Teaching Lab team, Fellows will engage in several virtual and in-person trainings to support delivery of best-in-class teacher professional learning with our partners

  • All Fellows, regardless of start date, will be required to attend our Facilitator Training weekend from Saturday, June 1st through Monday, June 3rd in Washington, DC. Please identify in your application if you will be unable to make those dates. (Note that in general, Teaching Lab does not require weekend travel and we expect this to be the only instance of required weekend work throughout the year. Teaching Lab will cover travel costs.)
  • Fellows will be required to complete the following virtual training before mid-June. If these dates fall during your employment (i.e., you start in April), they will be part of your regular workstreams. If they fall before your official start date, you will be asked to complete them on your own time (a small stipend will be provided):
    • April: approximately 25 hours of curriculum study (virtual/self-paced)
    • May/Early June: approximately 42 hours of content module study (30 hours virtual/self-paced, plus 12 hours of video calls to practice delivery to be scheduled during late weekday afternoons in late May and early June)

We are committed to building a sustainable organization. We love our work and want to be able to do it for years to come. This means that despite our relentless focus on impact and results for educators and students, we commit to maintaining a balance between work and other parts of our lives.

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