The Teaching Lab Fellowship

The Teaching Lab Fellowship is a program to support and develop teachers and instructional coaches working to close the achievement gap through teacher-led professional learning.  

Who is eligible for the Fellowship?

The Teaching Lab Fellowship is a leadership role open to any teachers or instructional coaches who:

1.     Teach or support core content areas (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, K-12)
2.     Believe in educational equity and helping all students succeed
3.     Are eager to lead their peers and improve their own practice
4.     Want to create better professional learning for themselves and others

Program Components

Teaching Lab Fellows receive support to build their own local Teaching Lab including:

·        Free attendance at the Teaching Lab Institute (including travel)
·        1-3 hours of coaching and support per week from the Teaching Lab staff (Spring 2016)
·        Research-based PD content developed to support your own lab cycles
·        Connection to both content experts and other Lab Leaders both locally and nationally

Fellowship Benefits

The primary benefits are professional growth and connection to a meaningful community. The Teaching Lab Model has 3 core components, and Fellows develop in each of these 3 areas:

1.     Teacher-led Community Fellows learn the toolkit of community organizing, including training in peer-recruitment, getting stakeholder buy-in, and personal leadership.
2.     Core Content Fellows grow their knowledge of their subject matter, teaching and research-backed practice, through working directly with national content experts.
3.     Cycles of Inquiry Fellows receive support to develop their adult facilitation skills, as well as tools and training in analyzing evidence of student learning.

The Application Process

Fellows are selected through a nationwide competitive application process.  The application window opens Nov 15, 2016 and closes Jan 15, 2017. Fellowships will be offered on a rolling basis until all slots are filled. 

The application process includes 3 stages:

1.     Written Application – This brief written application demonstrates teachers' beliefs, skills, and experience in teaching and leadership.

2.     Performance Task 1: Community Organizing

    a.      Recruit a team of teachers who want to participate in your Lab.
b.     Secure a partner who is willing to help you create your Lab (e.g. school leader, nonprofit organization, professional mentor etc.)

3.     Performance Task 2: Content Development

a.      Identify student and teacher needs by seeking input from peers.
b.     Plan content for a Lab Cycle with the help of the Teaching Lab team.

Applicants who pass the written stage will receive training and support from Teaching Lab as they attempt the performance tasks. Success with both performance tasks leads to acceptance into the Fellowship.